SqlCipher for Qt 5

SqlCipher for Qt 5

I tried to compile this repository from github to use SqlCipher with Qt 5.. After I cloned the repository in QtCreator (git clone –recursive https://github.com/sijk/qt5-sqlcipher.git) and tried to build the project, I endede up with the following error message:

Project ERROR: Project has no top-level .qmake.conf file.

In order to solve this issus I changed the following include on line 55 in the qsqlcipher.pro file

from: include($$PLUGIN_SRCDIR/qsqldriverbase.pri)
to: INCLUDEPATH += $$QT_SRCDIR/src/sql/kernel

I’m still not quite sure why but after this little change I was able to make it compile on osx and window7. I hope this is of any use to anyone who comes across the same issue…